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Por Primera Vez

Inizzio Biography The band was formed in September, 1998. In May of 2000, we were playing under the name of Incomparable. We recorded our first independent CD under our own independent label King Records. As the band kept going year after year in 2003 we decided to go with a different name which is now INIZZIO. INIZZIO gave us a new look in the Tejano and Conjunto area. In 2004 we recorded our second CD entitled”PORQUE”. That title song was written by George Martinez Jr , which is also the INIZZIO singer and accordion player. George is a songwriter who has also written songs for the Hometown Boys. His current song recorded by them is entitled “YA NO LLORARE POR TI”. The single opened doors for us that we had not seen Inizzio tours extensively. We have performed in Michigan,Chicago and have also played 3 years in a row at the Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair. In addition, we have had 3 number 1 singles in Monterey Mexico, And now with our unique style, George Martinez Sr and George Martinez Jr on Vocals, accompanied by their nephew Edward Munoz on drums, and long time friends Joe Aguilar on bass, and Pablo Espinoza on bajo sexto, that is how we formed INIZZIO

Inizzio -IRS -142



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Recordando A Ricky,Joe,& Jesse Martinez

July 2013

Inizzio -IRS -5716



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Y Como Le Hare

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Inizzio -HAC-8104



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